Initiation of a Master Mason


The University of Birmingham Lodge 5628 enjoyed an unusual occasion when it initiated a man who was already a Master Mason.

Bro Adam Doveston is an Operative Mason and recognised all the working tools as those of his craft. He joined the lodge through the UGLE University Scheme, holds an Honours Degree in Construction Management and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

As well as Freemasonry Adam enjoys a variety of interests including Clay Pigeon shooting, History, travelling and Art. Unsurprisingly he also enjoys Architecture and Stone Carving (including taking part in the European Stone Festival), as well as good cigars and whiskey, and brewing his own beer and port!

All members are hoping that Adam will speak at one of their meetings about Operative Masonry and wish him the best of luck in the craft!


Brother Alberto Cuomo Takes The Chair For 2014


This meeting saw Brother Alberto Cuomo take the role of Worshipful Master for the year. With an excellent turn out to help assist and congratulate Alberto, an enjoyable time was had by everyone including many esteemed members of local provinces.

W.Bro  Alberto Cuomo joined the Lodge via the UGLE University Scheme of which the University of Birmingham Lodge was the third member following the lead of Apollo (Oxford) and Newton (Cambridge).  W.Bro Cuomo is believed to be the youngest master the Lodge has had and possibly the youngest current master in the country. The lodge is thoroughly looking forward to his year in the chair.

Exciting News for Lodge – We are a Saturday Daytime Meeting!

Always keen to ensure that we can accommodate the brethren members of our lodge, the University of Birmingham Lodge 5628 has moved its meeting dates to the 3rd Saturday of the month. Meetings will now be held on the third Saturdays in November, February, April and September.
As a University Scheme lodge we now have many members who are spread far and wide out of term time, we also have long established members who likewise travel distances to attend lodge. The move to Saturdays will make attendance a far less stressful journey to and from lodge. We hope you find this most convenient.

First University Scheme Initiate Installed As Master

At the Installation meeting on September 23rd 2013, W.Bro Ben Goldsmith was made Master of the University of Birmingham Lodge 5628.
W.Bro Ben joined the Lodge as an undergraduate via the UGLE University Scheme of which the University of Birmingham Lodge was the third member following the lead of Apollo (Oxford) and Newton (Cambridge). At 24, W.Bro Goldsmith is believed to be the youngest master the Lodge has had and we all look forward to his year in the chair.



Provincial Honours to our Brethren

It is with great pleasure to report that two members of the Lodge received their first Provincial appointments at the Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge on the 18th May 2013. The meeting was held at the Provincial Temple, Stirling Road. A full house of Warwickshire Masons as well many honoured guests from adjacent provinces as well as further afield made the event most memorable.

The presentation of the Officers for the ensuring year were appointed and invested and the Past Ranks were conferred and confirmed by the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro David F Macey. WBro Humberto R Campos was appointed Acting Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies (Prov.A.G.D.C.) and WBro Robert L Ashford was appointed Past Provincial Grand Standard Bearer (P.Prov.G.St.B.). This was followed by address form the RW Provincial Grand Master. A hearty congratulation to both these brothers and a big thank you to them from the Lodge for all the support and dedication they’ve given to the Lodge over many years.

Provincial honours WBro RLAshford Provincial Honours HRCampos

Quad Initiation Thanks to University Scheme

Another successful multiple ceremony! On the 25th Feb 2013 the Lodge again initiated four young candidates under the Universities Scheme. As Worshipful Master. Brother R Ashford oversaw the proceedings but was amply aided by many senior and junior brethren during the ceremony. In fact it was noted that the current cohort of officers, notwithstanding the acting officers for the evening, were all junior brethren and had come into the Lodge via the Universities Scheme.

On reflection this is an excellent position to be in and illustrates to a large extent the implicit objectives of the Scheme. It is also testimony to the Lodge in fully engaging the Scheme, the fruits of which are evident to all. The four new members now add to the growing critical mass of younger brethren in the University of Birmingham Lodge. And it is also worthy to note the enthusiasm these new young brethren bring not only to Lodge meetings but the festive board. This was amply illustrated during each of their short speeches at the festive board. The next meeting, scheduled for the 22nd April, will also be a test for many of the floor officers as the plan is to undertake a double raising. The Lodge is getting “geared” up for this event which no doubt will be an interesting and enthralling experience.

WBro Robert L Ashford DPodM, BA, BEd, MA, MMedSci, PhD, MChS, FCPodMed, FFPM RCPS (Glasg)

IPM attends Social Media meeting at Gt Queen St.

A meeting and workshop was convened in February at UGLE headquarters for Provincial Information officers.

Our IPM, WM Ron Parker, was invited along with WM Ivan Smart by WM Peter Wellings the Provincial Information Officer for the Province of Warwickshire. Warwickshire is becoming a leading light in the adoption and provision of social media within Masonry. UGLE are keen that Masonry does not fall behind in adopting the various Social Media systems universally available. It was quoted, “Some may think it a nuisance factor, some a waste of time, but it is here to stay and is growing fast. Our younger brethren are already using it more than you can imagine”. UGLE are keen to encourage all Lodges to consider some form of Social Media platform to work alongside Websites. The use of Facebook, Twitter and the like will become more active in the near future.


IPM Presents at Provincial Workshop

In his role as the Provincial Lodge Website Coordinator. our IPM, W.Bro. Ron Parker, presented a guide to creating websites and how to achieve Provincial Approval, the award needed to gain permission to publish a Masonic Website. Over 50 Lodges were represented at the inaugral workshop. Attendees expressed their pleasure at the day and new websites are already under construction. The profile of the University of Birmingham lodge with its membership of the Universities Scheme and involvement in Lodge websites is heightened, the lodge is still growing from strength to strength with an ever increasing active membership.


October Installation!

Another year in the chair for W.Bro. Robert Ashford, The University of Birmingham Lodge’s new Master. W. Bro Robert Ashford was inducted as Master of the Lodge for a second time in October. The ceremony was conducted by the outgoing Master W.Bro Ron Parker who became the IPM. Robert has another busy year ahead with 9 candidates awaiting initiation already!

We were graced with the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master the Worshipful Brother John R Emms Past Senior Grand Deacon, who gave the address to the master.



A Grand Finale – The Master’s Dinner!

Another splendid evening! The University of Birmingham Lodge held its Master’s Dinner on July 9th. There was a diamond jubilee theme with Red, White and Blue table decorations and a first prize of Diamond Jubilee Bubbly, for raffle winner, proceeds of which were donated to the 2012 Festival.


It was far more than a Ladies to Dine evening with guests bringing friends and relatives. It was a pleasure to have the company of new candidates to sample the social side of Freemasonry. It was an opportunity to thank our partners for their patience in allowing us to follow our Masonic calling and show non-Masons what we are all about. The Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Ron Parker, make a short speech during his toast to the visitors to explain the history of Freemasonry, its tradition and the chartable acts to both Masonic and non-Masonic beneficiaries.


We were graced with the presence of the Assistant Provincial Grand Master the Very Worshipful Brother Eric Rymer, Past Senior Grand Deacon, and his wife.




The Dinner culminates the very busy Masonic season for the University of Birmingham lodge. The Master Elect. W.Bro Robert Ashford will be made master at the next meeting, the Installation (dates and details will be seen on the diary page). He has again a very full season of initiations and ceremonies.