Brother Gianluca Lauri Comments On his Enjoyment At Being Passed At His Mother Lodge by the Provincial DCs !!

“It was a great event thanks for the Provincial DC attending and delivering the ceremony with the traditional rituals alongside the warmth of them caring to share their knowledge made it a remarkable day. After been a Freemason a year I can say I felt the brotherhood sensation to an all-time peak in my passing experience as I always knew brothers would help, although I felt particularly supported by a Brother which would smile to me from the other side of the lodge room and send me advise, thanks W.Bro Ron J Parker”

A splendid affair as The Provincial DC Lodge joined us for a special emergency meeting for passing two more of our members. W.Bro. Richard Barker happily took the chair and he and his officers produced a flawless ceremony of passing, which included the extended working tools. Brothers Gianluca Lauri and Neofit Savov were escorted meticulously throughout the ceremony. It was a spectacle to behold with a crowded Lodge room and full festive board to follow.