Masters Welcome – 2011 – W.Bro Ron Parker

Greetings and thank you for visiting our website.

Whether you are already a Mason or just having a look to see what we are about, I send you Hail and Hearty greetings from everyone in our lodge.

This is a significant year for the University of Birmingham Lodge. 2011-2012 celebrates our 75th year and in November 2011 we celebrated our 300th meeting.

It is a humbling experience to be installed into the chair of the lodge for such a special year. Looking at all those who went before and intent on trying to maintain their standards. Elsewhere in this website is a section devoted to the inaugral meeting of the lodge, I recommend you take a look and see just how many were present and who they were.

Our lodge has progressed since 1936 whilst keeping traditions of its own and of Freemasonry in general. We are now members of the Universities scheme which permits young men of good character to be initiated from the age of 18, again there is a section dedicated to this should you want to explore the idea further.

For those wanting to get an independant view on Masonry there is a link to such a review and report on the Links page.