Masters Welcome – 2014 – W. Bro Alberto

Dear Visitor,Alberto


As Worshipful Master of the University of Birmingham Lodge N°5628, it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our web page. Here you will find information on the Lodge and its history, along with news and events from the Province of Warwickshire and the University Scheme. Would you be interested in knowing more about Freemasonry, it will also be possible for you to get in touch with us via email.

When the Lodge was originally founded on the 31st October 1936 in the Birmingham Town Hall, it welcomed active and prospective Freemasons who were in some way associated with the University of Birmingham.

Today, the University of Birmingham Lodge, while preserving its traditions through the guidance and mentorship of its most senior members, takes pride in being an affluent and growing lodge with active members from diverse academic backgrounds and walks of life, all sharing a common genuine interest in Freemasonry. As a member of the University Scheme, the lodge has in fact, in most recent year, attracted individuals from Universities throughout the Midlands which has led to a constant growth which makes our meetings always interesting and unique!

I personally, also represent this mix of individuals, having joined the University of Birmingham Lodge during my second year as an undergraduate student at Aston University.

What I can add from my personal experience is that being part of the University of Birmingham Lodge has, so far, been an enriching journey through which I have had the opportunity of meeting individuals from the most varied paths of life, backgrounds and ages whom I can sincerely call my Brethren.

It is with this prelude that I welcome your interest to our Lodge; whether you are a current Freemason and would like to visit our Lodge, or whether you would like more information on how to be come a Freemason or about Freemasonry in general.

W. Bro Alberto.