Quad Initiation Thanks to University Scheme

Another successful multiple ceremony! On the 25th Feb 2013 the Lodge again initiated four young candidates under the Universities Scheme. As Worshipful Master. Brother R Ashford oversaw the proceedings but was amply aided by many senior and junior brethren during the ceremony. In fact it was noted that the current cohort of officers, notwithstanding the acting officers for the evening, were all junior brethren and had come into the Lodge via the Universities Scheme.

On reflection this is an excellent position to be in and illustrates to a large extent the implicit objectives of the Scheme. It is also testimony to the Lodge in fully engaging the Scheme, the fruits of which are evident to all. The four new members now add to the growing critical mass of younger brethren in the University of Birmingham Lodge. And it is also worthy to note the enthusiasm these new young brethren bring not only to Lodge meetings but the festive board. This was amply illustrated during each of their short speeches at the festive board. The next meeting, scheduled for the 22nd April, will also be a test for many of the floor officers as the plan is to undertake a double raising. The Lodge is getting “geared” up for this event which no doubt will be an interesting and enthralling experience.

WBro Robert L Ashford DPodM, BA, BEd, MA, MMedSci, PhD, MChS, FCPodMed, FFPM RCPS (Glasg)