IPM attends Social Media meeting at Gt Queen St.

A meeting and workshop was convened in February at UGLE headquarters for Provincial Information officers.

Our IPM, WM Ron Parker, was invited along with WM Ivan Smart by WM Peter Wellings the Provincial Information Officer for the Province of Warwickshire. Warwickshire is becoming a leading light in the adoption and provision of social media within Masonry. UGLE are keen that Masonry does not fall behind in adopting the various Social Media systems universally available. It was quoted, “Some may think it a nuisance factor, some a waste of time, but it is here to stay and is growing fast. Our younger brethren are already using it more than you can imagine”. UGLE are keen to encourage all Lodges to consider some form of Social Media platform to work alongside Websites. The use of Facebook, Twitter and the like will become more active in the near future.