St Georges Day Double!

A busy year got busier this evening when we intiated two more candidates into the craft.

With a lodge room swelled by visiting members of neighbouring Provinces the double initiation ceremony went smoothly. Bro Jake Harvey presented the EA Working Tools, whilst his father and members of his Staffordshire lodge looked on. Grand Lodge cerificates were presented by W.Bro Stephen Tucker PGDC and of Apollo Lodge Oxford with whom the University of Birmingham Lodge have close ties. There followed another splendid festive Board displaying the fraternal union amongst Masons.

Two days later on the 26th at our daughter lodge, The Birmingham Old Edwardians, members of the University of Birmingham Lodge were entertained regally as the BOEL passed two of our candidates. The BOEL were also hosting guests from the Association of School Lodges of which they are now a member. The Master of the University of Birmingham Lodge was invited to close the BOEL which is a custom between our lodges. We are now looking forward to our next merry meeting at which we shall hold another ceremony of double raising.