“Help during the Pandemic!

Brethren, do not forget that our fraternity puts great store in its ability to help those in need, both our Masonic family and those outside who have fallen on difficult times.

Every Masonic lodge has an almoner whose role it is to ensure the wellbeing of its members and its local community.

As your Lodge Almoner I wish to remind you that my role is still active during this unprecedented time and if any of you wish to contact me I shall do my best to assist personally or by contact with those better able than I to help you.

Should you wish to ‘Go it alone‘ and that is absolutely fine, you can get contact details from the Provincial and Grand Lodge websites both of which can be accessed from the links on this, our own lodge website.

Stay safe, healthy and happy.

S & F


W. Bro Ron Parker P.Prov.S.G.D

Almoner, University of Birmingham Lodge 5628