Masters Welcome – 2013 – W.Bro Ben Goldsmith

Welcome from the Worship Master of our lodge. W. Bro Ben Goldsmith As Master of the Lodge it is with great pleasure that I extend a warm and hearty welcome to all visitors to our web page.

The Lodge first opened its doors 77 years ago to current and prospective Freemasons who were in some way associated with the University of Birmingham. In keeping with this heritage, the Lodge continues to welcome academics, students and alumni alike, but also continues to adapt and evolve. As a member lodge of the Universities Scheme the Lodge has, in recent years, begun to attract individuals from further afield; welcoming individuals from many Universities throughout the Midlands.

The Lodge boasts a growing and diverse membership- the culmination of a huge mix of individuals from many Universities and walks of life. Indeed I was myself initiated into the University of Birmingham Lodge during my first year at the University of Warwick. If you would like more information about the Universities Scheme please follow the tab on the right of the screen.

As a University Lodge and in keeping with lodge tradition, we follow the academic calendar and meet four times a year: September (Installation), November, February and April. This ensures a full programme indeed and means that the Lodge meets during term-time for our student members. If you are a current Freemason and would like to visit our lodge, or are would like more information about how to become a Freemason or about Freemasonry in general please contact our Lodge Secretary.

W.Bro Ben Goldsmith.