The University of Birmingham Lodge was founded on the 31st of October 1936 in Birmingham’s Town Hall. At the consecration of the lodge, there were over 170 brothers at attendance.  

The Lodge being a University lodge and affiliated with Birmingham University, was founded by the great and the good of the University. Among its founding members were 6 Governors, 6 Council members, 10 members of staff, 10 Graduates and a further 2 Honorary Graduates.

For many years the University of Birmingham Lodge was one of the strongest lodges with one of the largest memberships in the Province of Warwickshire. But in recent years it has become clear that most current students are unaware of the University of Birmingham Lodge’s existence. This degradation of awareness was brought about, during the 1968 student protests. At the time, the University thought it better to distance itself from any possible reaction, its association with the lodge might have on the more hard line protesters.

Though membership decreased, it didn’t stop and in recent years, more and more students both past and present are wanting to join the lodge and help reconnect with the lodges main purpose. To create a place where students, both past and present can mingle on the level with staff and other like minded people, as well as help guide them throughout their Masonic life.

Background History:

King George V was the Grand Master at the time of the founding of the lodge. When his majesty, passed to grand lodge above, his son Edward VIII acceded to the throne and at which time he resigned as Provincial Grand Master of Surrey. When Edward VIII abdicated, his brother then became George VI, then Provincial Grand Master of Middlesex. Then once he became King he invested in the Albert Hall as Past Grand Master.